Sean Price & Illa Ghee feat. Rim – The Bryan Song

Sean Price & Illa Ghee feat. Rim
The Bryan Song
Metal Detectors (EP)
Ruck Down Records/Duck Down Music Inc.

In this visual from the ‘Metal detectors’ EP, Illa Ghee has enlisted Rim da Villin to help him seek out Sean Price. Could it be all a dream? Perhaps Sean’s wife Bernadette can help…

The release date of this visual, March 17th, coincides with the bornday of Price. He would have been 46 today. ‘riP’.

Sean Price & Illa Ghee – Metal Detectors

An EP release

Sean Price & Illa Ghee
Metal Detectors (EP)
Ruck Down Records/Duck Down Music Inc.
Release date: March 16th

Last year, to commemorate the day of Sean Price’s passing in 2016, the album ‘Imperius Rex’ was released. This year, to commemorate his bornday (albeit a day early) the EP ‘Metal Detectors’ has dropped.

It’s a joint project with Illa Ghee who became a regular collaborator of his. The duo were working on tracks together before Price’s untimely passing, but the evidence of their work is now available for all to hear. This Ruck Down/Duck Down release features vocals from Royal Flush, as well as an intro by rapper turned regular Hip Hop commentator Michael Rapaport.

With support from Illa Ghee, Sean Price lives on! ‘riP’.

1. On That Brownsville Sh!t (feat. Michael Rapaport)
2. The Bryan Song (feat. Rim)
3. Sudden Impact
4. Fight Club
5. Metal Detectors
7. 2pac By The Locker
8. Good Lobster (feat. Royal Flush)

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PRhyme – PRhyme 2

PRhyme 2
PRhyme Records/INgrooves Music Group

1. Interlude 1 (Salute)
2. Black History
3. 1 Of The Hardest
4. Era (feat. Dave East)
5. Respect My Gun (feat. Roc Marciano)
6. W.O.W. (With Out Warning) (feat. Yelawolf)
7. Sunflower Seeds (feat. Novel)
8. Streets At Night
9. Rock It
10. Loved Ones (feat. Rapsody)
11. My Calling
12. Made Man (feat. Big K.R.I.T. & Denaun Porter)
13. Interlude 2 (Relationships)
14. Flirt (feat. 2 Chainz)
15. Everyday Struggle (feat. Chavis Chandler)
16. Do Ya Thangs
17. Gotta Love It (feat. Cee-Lo Green & Brady Watt)

4 years on after their debut album release PRhyme are back with their sophomore project, simply entitled ‘PRhyme 2’. Premier explains in the intro that “PRhyme is a concept where we take one artist’s style & flip it into the Premo sound”, but… purists don’t fear! As the album progresses you hear the classic traditional DJ Premier production sound. Fortunately only one track has a resemblance of the contemporary rap sound that dominates the media nowadays.

Lyrically, Royce mixes reminiscing about the rap game with his opinion about the current state of Hip Hop. This is a theme that many of the featured artists on the album follow as well. Those guest vocalists are varied in style & era comprising of: Dave East, Roc Marciano, Rapsody, Cee-Lo Green, Big K.R.I.T. and more.

This is DJ Premier’s first group involvement since the legendary Gang Starr. He & Royce da 5’9″ are no comparison because they are creating a unique concept & style of their own.
(Rashad Unique)

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David Matthews – Part II: Sandworms

Breaks, Beats & Samples

David Matthews
Part II: Sandworms
CTI Records

The story behind this album is as mystical as the source of the influence behind its creation. ‘Dune’ is a sc-fi novel written by Frank Herbert in 1965 that was made into a movie in 1984. In 1977, piano keyboard expert David Matthews who had been both an arranger and bandleader for James Brown, recorded a suite based on aspects of the novel.

Although the album was artistically acclaimed, it became a commercial flop because of CTI’s legal mismanagement. As they never asked for Frank Herbert’s permission to use his novel Dune as the main theme for the album, he filed a law suit against CTI and won which forced the label to delete it from their catalog. Somehow it was re-released in Japan on CD in 1994.

Now, onto the main point: ‘Sandworms’ (the main group of creatures from Dune). Following musically in line with the jazz-funk theme, this track has a steady & deep bassline used most notably by a rapper/producer who also liked scientific themes. This track is the stand-out piece of music on the album, leaving no doubt why it’s been sampled so many times.
(Rashad Unique)

DJ Clif feat. Kasim Allah – Slow Gases

DJ Clif feat. Kasim Allah
Slow Gases
DJ Clif presents: US Connection
Allezgo Productions

France’s DJ Clif has teamed up with The God Kasim Allah from Now Rule, Now Why (New Rochelle, New York) for their visual release ‘Slow Gases). No surprise that DJ Clif’s forthcoming album is called ‘US Connection.

Filmed on location in New York, Kasim Allah drops deep science.

Sean Price feat. Prodigy & Styles P – Three Lyrical Ps

Sean Price feat. Prodigy & Styles P
Three Lyrical Ps
Imperius Rex
Ruck Down Records/Duck Down Music Inc.
Directed by: Michael Tudor

There are a number of animated Sean Price visuals & here’s the latest addition, ‘Three Lyrical Ps’. Those ‘P’s’ are Price himself, the also deceased & very much missed Prodigy & finally Styles P.

Hard to believe that Sean Price & Prodigy are no longer with us, but this well constructed animation plays a small part in allowing memories of them to live on. The track is taken from the album ‘Imperiux Rex’.

Black Milk – FEVER

Black Milk
Mass Appeal Records/Computer Ugly
Release date: February 28

Solo album number 7 by Detroit native Black Milk sees him maintaining his typical creative style. That trademark sound is a fusion of complex drum programming, jazz-funk guitar & other live instruments, along with heavy electronic basslines. Add to this some deep social commentary & that’s the set standard.

Album releases like this offer a much more intelligent & musically creative alternative to contemporary rap, showing that some producers actually put thought & effort into their production. It’s a unique sound that only comes across as experimental if you’re not used to Black Milk’s previous work.

If you’re appreciative of musicians, instruments & thought provoking vocals, you’ll get a ‘FEVER’ when you listen to this.
(Rashad Unique)

1. unVEil (feat. Sudie)
2. But I Can Be (feat. Ab)
3. Could It Be
4. 2 Would Try (feat. Dwele)
5. Laugh Now Cry Later
6. True Lies
7. eVE
8. Drown
9. DiVE
10. Foe Friend
11. Will Remain
12. You Like To Risk It All/Things Will Never Be

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