Planet Asia – Mansa Musa

Planet Asia
Mansa Musa
X-Ray Records
Release date: May 25th

Mansa Musa (circa: 1280-1337), also known as Musa I was the 10th Mansa (which translates to ‘Sultan’, ‘Conqueror, or Emperor) of the West African Empire of Mali. At the time of Musa’s rise to the throne the Malian Empire consisted of territory formerly belonging to the Ghana Empire in modern-day south Mauritania and Mali, as well as the close surrounding areas. Mansa Musa had conquered 24 cities, each with surrounding districts, estates & villages. During his reign, Mali is believed to be the largest producer of gold in the world. One of the, if not, the actual richest people in history, he is known to have been enormously wealthy.

History lesson over, Planet Asia is continually working hard in the studio & on stage, building his own wealth. Having already dropped his ‘The Golden Buddha’ project in January, he’s now released his ‘Mansa Musa’ album. This time around there are numerous guest vocalists, including his ‘General Monks’ sidekick TriState.

In Mansa Musa style, Planet Asia himself is adding on to his music back catalog empire, creating his own legacy on the mic.

1. The Pilgrimage
2. No Chinks In The Chain (feat. Montage One & TriState)
3. BYOG (feat. Killer Ben & Bad Lucc)
4. Executive Criminals (feat. Tristate)
5. Gun Logic feat. (Rozewood & Killa Kali)
6. Mini Mansions (feat. Rosati)
7. Indigo Trap (feat. Phil The Agony)
8. Peace God (feat. Marvelous Mag)
9. Fly Co Op (feat. G.O.D. Pt. 3)
10. We Don’t Do That (feat. Killer Ben & Young Chizz)
11. Money All Day (feat. Supreme Cerebral)
12. Quench My Thirst (feat. Lyric Jones)
13. Mansa Musa Medallions (feat. Hus KingPin & SmooVth)
14. Unknown Worlds (feat. Montage One)
15. Good Money (Fresno City)
16. Fight Back

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Dave East – Prosper

Dave East
Paranoia 2
Directed by: Fred Focus
Def Jam Recordings/Universal Music Group/Mass Appeal Records/From The Dirt

After dropping numerous mixtapes & a debut EP, Dave is preparing his debut album. It will be released on Mass Appeal Records, the label of his mentor Nas, so he can’t go wrong. Although to a certain point there are similarities in the flow & the storytelling technique of Nas, Dave is definitely his own person as an artist. He tells his story in his way. This is the case in East’s latest visual ‘Prosper’ where he tells a personal tale of rags to riches. His daughter features in there too. The track is taken from his latest mixtape ‘Paranoia 2’.

A.G. – Magical World

Magical World
The Taste Of AMBrosia
Slice Of Spice
Directed by: Olise Forel

Andre the Giant, better known as A.G. from the D.I.T.C. crew is preparing another solo project. The title of his forthcoming album ‘The Taste Of AMBrosia’ incorporates the initials of A.G.’s government name, as well as the food of the Gods. In the visual for ‘Magical World’ a tale of making the best out of a bad situation is told. There is not just bad in the ghetto, there is some good too if you make it that way.

The album is scheduled to drop June 22nd.

Styles P – G-Host

Styles P
D-Block/Phantom Entertainment LLC
Release date: May 4th

Swiftly following on from his ‘Nickel Bag EP’ release, The LOX’s Styles P has now released a full length project. ‘G-Host’ is his first album since 2015 & is packed with host features.

1. Bubble Up (feat. Dyce Payne)
2. Welfare (feat. Whispers)
3. Coolest O.G. (feat. Dyce Payne)
4. Ghost Wars
5. (Skit) Ronald Grump (feat. Jacob Berger, Khardier Da God & Cris Streetz)
6. Wait Your Turn B
7. Heat of the Night (feat. Kody)
8. (Skit) Ill (feat. Kay Rosewood)
9. Morning Mourning (feat. Oswin Benjamin)
10. Different Shit
11. For This Occasion
12. Window To The Soul
13. (Skit) Going Live (feat. Nino Man & Dyce Payne)
14. Curb the Lames (feat. Boog Jones)
15. (Skit) Live Still Lit (feat. Nino Man & Dyce Payne)
16. Going Thru Hell

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Royce da 5’9″ – Book Of Ryan

Royce da 5’9″
Book Of Ryan
Heaven Studios, Inc./Entertainment One U.S., LP

Hot on the heels of Royce’s sophomore collabo project with DJ Premier “PRhyme 2″, the Detroit rapper has now released his 7th solo album ‘Book Of Ryan. Stating that he feels it is his greatest body of work yet, 5’9” is joined on the album by Eminem, J. Cole, Pusha T, Jadakiss, Fabolous, T-Pain, Marsha Ambrosius & a host of others.

1. Intro
2. Woke
3. My Parallel (Skit)
4. Caterpillar (feat. Eminem & King Green)
5. God Speed (feat. Ashley Sorrell)
6. Dumb (feat. Boogie)
7. Who Are You (Skit)
8. Cocaine
9. Life Is Fair
10. Boblo Boat (feat. J. Cole)
11. Legendary
12. Summer On Lock (feat. Pusha T, Jadakiss, Fabolous & Agent Sasco)
13. Amazing (feat. Melanie Rutherford)
14. Outside (feat. Marsha Ambrosius & Robert Glasper)
15. Power
16. Protecting Ryan (Skit)
17. Strong Friend
18. Anything/Everything
19. Stay Woke (feat. Ashley Sorrell)
20. First Of The Month (feat. T-Pain & Chavis Chandler)
21. Caterpillar Remix (feat. Logic & King Green)

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The Legion feat. Droopy Dog – Heard We Quit

The Legion feat. Droopy Dog
Heard We Quit
Ill Adrenaline Records
Three The Hard Way
Directed by Jimmy Giambrone

After reminding hardcore Hip Hop fans of who they are with their 2014 “Lost tapes” album, the Bronx trio ‘The Legion’ are back. This visual from Molecules, Chucky Smash & Cee-Low is taken from their forthcoming album ‘Three The Hard Way’. It’s also the b-side of their new limited edition 7″ single release ‘1980 Something’.

Look out for cameo appearances in the visual from Chi Ali & Smooth B (who’s sampled voice provides the track’s hook).

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Erick Sermon – The Funk Lord Instrumentals

Erick Sermon
The Funk Lord Instrumentals
Def Squad
Release date: April 20th

1. Bomdigi (Instrumental)
2. The Most Beautifullest Thing In This World (Instrumental)
3. Tonight’s Da Night (Instrumental)
4. Safe Sex (Instrumental)
5. We Getz Buzy (Instrumental)
6. Get Lifted (Instrumental)
7. Can’t Wait (Instrumental)
8. This That Sh*t (Instrumental)
9. Funkorama (Instrumental)
10. Keep It Real (Instrumental)
11. To Da Beat Ch’all (Instrumental)
12. Head Or Gut (Instrumental)
13. It’s Going Down (Instrumental)
14. All She Wanted (Instrumental)

At the beginning of 2018 Erick Sermon announced a Kickstarter campaign to fund ‘Go’, his forthcoming new album. To keep fans occupied he’s put together some instrumentals of his previous productions. The Funk Lord Instrumentals includes tracks he’s made for himself, Redman, Illegal, Keith Murray, Jamal, Doctor Dré & Ed Lover, the late MC Breed & the lesser known The Knucklehedz.

This compilation shows clearly that Erick Sermon is up there with any producer, especially those from the 90’s, being ranked as being one of the best in Hip Hop.

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