Since moving to Michigan in 2001, 13Five has amassed a number of accolades and critical success. In addition to being an MC, a producer, he has also been a featured performer on the Showtime at the Apollo tour, been cited by local newspapers as one of Michigan’s top emcees, and performed in venues all over the country; with major and indie artists alike. Scheduled to release his first full length album since relocating to Detroit, “All Power To The People” (Spring 2011)is gearing towards a huge response. 13Five’s style has been hailed by underground hip-hop critics for its intelligence, insight, wit, and powerful lyricism. In both print and digital publications, 13Five has been touted as being a refreshingly innovative new talent on the hip-hop scene who has the ability to appeal to the purists and commercialists alike.

13Five hooked up with X the Detective in the spring of 2010 and the partnership developed like a natural reaction. X the Detective has been producing for over 10 years for local and international artists throughout many genres. Now the new dynamic duo is geared to release their first emcee/producer project, All Power To The People.

13Five’s love for hip-hop culture and its adherents is bigger than the music itself. Knowing that his art can be a vehicle for change, 13Five has been known to conduct hip-hop and social awareness workshops to help youth tackle tough personal and social issues, increase literacy, and foster self esteem.

Although 13Five is now based in Detroit, Michigan, the brand of Kentucky is stamped all over his music, his speech, and his heart.

Entered Apprentice (2008)
All Power To The People (2011)

13Five @ Sonicbirds here
13Five @ Reverbnation here

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