Ultramagnetic Foundation. TR Love & DJ Moe Love present: Ultra Laboratory Stories

Ultramagnetic Foundation
TR Love & DJ Moe Luv present:
Ultra Laboratory Stories
Black Pegasus Music
Release date: August 31st 2010


Okay, okay, this album was released in autumn 2010, but as a long time Ultramagnetic fan I had to review it.

A welcome return to form from the Bronx Hip Hop legends, but this is the next chapter “Ultramagnetic Foundation”. TR Love & Moe Love have combined to present a compilation of rarities & unreleased tracks, along with new tracks promoting their artists Fred Beanz & Street Ruckus MC.s.
Ced Gee, Kool Keith & Tim Dog also appear to maintain the classic Ultra feel for things.

On this album there is no compromise to the legendary Ultramagnetic sound that for most part disappeared on the 2006/2007 release “Best Kept Secret”. Ultra Laboratory Stories is the sound that TR & Moe feel that they & their fans need to be reminded of. It hits hard from start to finish & gives the buyer excellent value for money with 21 Bronx bombing cuts that show why Ultra has a worldwide cult following.

The Ultra vaults have been opened up & tracks dusted off to go alongside the new tracks that highlight the skills off Street Ruckus MC’s & Fred Beanz. TR Love reminds everybody that he has skills on the mic & The unreleased version of Mechanism Nice easily shows that Moe Love produced the best track on “Best Kept Secret”.

Stand out track for me is funky guitar lick driven “Ride Wit Us” which features the full classic line up & Tim Dog. Of the new era “My Life” by Fred Beanz showcases his hard rhymes & some futuristic funky basslines.

If you want some real Hip Hop then you need to check this album out. “ULTRA”.
(Rich Unique)

Track list:
01. Intro (The Drama)
02. Is It Them (Keith and Ced)
03. Ride Wit Us
04. Cold Crush (Interlude)
05. Pain & Changes (feat. Fred Beanz and Street Ruckus MCs)
06. Mind Games (feat. Fred Beanz and Diabolique)
07. Make It Rain
08. Bronx Bombers (Interlude)
09. Throw Your Hands Up (feat. Fred Beanz)
10. Mix It Down
11. Sub
12. Plucking Cards (Unreleased Version)
13. TR’s Verse (Interlude)
14. The Cipher (feat. Fred Beanz and Street Ruckus MCs)
15. Baby I’m Mad
16. The Anger, the Extasy (Interlude)
17. Mechanizm Nice (Unreleased Version)
18. TR’s Feelin’ it
19. My Life (Feat. Fred Beanz)
20. Live & Learn (Feat. Fred Beanz)
21. Hard To Understand
22. Funk Radio

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