Rulerz Inc. – Ray-Gun-Namitry

Rulerz Inc.
Release date: March 25th 2011

This is my ode to the Reagan era & how it influenced my outlook on life & Hip Hop. President Ray-Gun f-ckkked up a lot of things for Amerikkka. We are still feeling the effects of his devilishment B.U.T. these are my views of the situation. Please leave a comment & let me know what you think. Listen & enjoy.
(Mr. Ripley)

Track listing:
1. Ray-Gun-Namitry (Intro)
2. Ray-Gun-Namitry
3. Tri-State (N.J.,C.T.,N.C.) (feat. M.R. Senti I.Q.)
4. Polytrikz (feat. Homicide)
5. Blade Runner
6. Get Wild
7. Watchurstep
8. Cloud9
9. Thatshiphop
10. Guapamoli
11. Popoff
12. Mr. Freeze
13. Dat Paypa (feat. M.R. Senti I.Q.)
14. Mossberg Wordz
15. Change Ur Pad (feat. M.R. Senti I.Q.)
16. P.E.A.C.E
17. Gangsta Boogie
18. Preemo
19. Marty McFly

Listen to & download @ DatPiff here

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