Big Daddy Kane & Brand Nubian @ Southpaw, Brooklyn. Friday March 25th 2011

Positive Seeds and Southpaw present:
125 Fifth Ave, Brooklyn
Friday March 25th 2011

“Infinite Wiz” was in attendance at this gathering of veteran & legendary Hip Hop acts & this is her view of the nights events:

The Positive Seeds fundraising event at the Southpaw in Brooklyn, NY on Friday March 25th was Hip-Hop at it’s finest. The energy & vibe was definitely positive and all the acts that performed gave everything to rock the crowd.

The main acts that hit the stage were Brand Nubian, Big Daddy Kane, Grand Daddy IU and Lord Superb (with whom I performed). A host of other Hip Hop acts perfomed as well & Poppa Wu and MOP to name a few, were in the building to support as well. It was a classic “Golden Era” style night and the Nation of Gods and Earths was represented to the utmost with many from the local area in attendance.

Most importantly, the fact that these artists all performed for “FREE” shows and proves that they are fully down for the cause and Hip Hop is not dead. All proceeds went to the “Positive Seeds In Pelan” mentoring program.

Positive Seeds, Inc. is a mentoring program located in Bronx, NY for young individuals’ ages 8 through 13 years of age. The program is comprised of the Know-The-Ledge mentoring program and the Juvenile Awareness Project. This program is designed to serve as a preventive resource for our youth to not become involved in the juvenile justice system, and as an intervention resource for young people currently imprisoned within the juvenile justice system.

Hopefully this will be the first of many such events & if so then once again we can see more of the Hip Hop artists who first came out in a more positive era of the artform
(Reviewed by Infinite Wiz)

Photos courtesy of Infinite Wiz

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