Shing Shing Regime – The Invincible Swordplay EP

Shing Shing Regime
The Invincible Swordplay EP
Stealth Movementz/Interscope Digital Distribution
Release date: July 25th 2011

Shing Shing Regime are Born Truth, Cee Self 7 & DJ Akiin & they follow up their “I Am Shing” mixtape with the “Invincible Swordplay EP”. Forthcoming releases will feature the rapper “Symmetry” who is the latest official member of ther group.

The first time I heard Shing Shing Regime it made me remember Maestro Fresh Wes’ 1994 album “Naaah, Deez Kids Can’t Be From Canada!!!!!!!!!” but the Gods from Cee Allah Nation leave you in no uncertain terms about where they are from. The track “Kanada” pays testament to that & the old skool sound of the track shows & prove their deep Hip Hop roots.

Roots & culture is an important theme to the group which is displayed on the track “First World Sufferahs” which pays homage to Jamaican heritage. The same applies to “Remember” which features Dead Prez’s Stic.Man & together they namecheck many iconic Black leaders. The “Fix Up Yourself Interlude” skit uses dialogue from the classic Jamaican comedy film “Smile Orange” to great effect.

With more than 10 full tracks this is more an album than an EP & is varied in style but constant with quality production. The contrasting vocal styles of the the 2 rappers clearly define them from one another & the sharp cutting of the DJ is refreshing to hear in an age of autotune pop rap. Sometimes album skits can become fast forward material but not here & Martial arts & Mike Tyson excerpts showcase the groups imaginative creativity.

Previously released video tracks “We Strive” (which is a classic) & “Open Your Mindz” still sound fresh along side the newer material & all in all this is a tight, enjoyable listen for fans of real Hip Hop.

Saving minds from negativity & preserving Hip-Hop go hand in hand here as Shing Shing swing swords supremely.
(Rich Unique)

Visit Shing Shing Regime @ Myspace here

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