Unique Heat On Facebook

For all those who have not done so yet, here’s what to expect when you check out the “Unique Heat” blogsite on facebook. Oh Yes, there’s a facebook page!!!

STRICTLY REAL HIP HOP ONLY (aka Unique Heat) Facebook Group

Mission Statement:

Maintaining & preserving REAL HIP HOP is what this group is about! Here we will honour those from the foundation ie: Kool Herc, to the Old Skool, Golden Age & right up to the time that this artform got watered down! We will also salute those who still today, hold it down for real Hip Hop & continue to produce real Hip Hop in today’s era of commercialised pop rap.

As creator of this group I welcome debate, promoting your music & yourself as an artist, discussion & limited posting of pics & videos (fb close groups down for excessive posting & it’s not a competition or race, also it pisses people off receiving loads of message notification), but if I feel that anything posted is inappropriate or repetitive it WILL be removed. Also If you disrespect me or others in this group you will be permanently banned. Let’s all work together to have an enjoyable & informative HIP HOP experience.

This group isn’t just about me, so play your part & feel free to invite like-minded people into the group (ask them first if you add them, I don’t want them ranting at me when they are added & don’t want to be!!!). Also let me know what features you would like to see in the group. Theme days are popular so inbox me with any ideas you may have. If you love REAL HIP HOP this is the place for you.

This is STRICTLY REAL HIP HOP ONLY (aka Unique Heat) so “LET’S GET IT”. Peace!
(Rich Unique)

Visit the STRICTLY REAL HIP HOP ONLY (aka Unique Heat) facebook group here

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