Gage prepares to hit “The Desolate Lands” with his “Deadly Friends”

Gage The Conqueror
The Desolate Lands
The Island Def Jam Music Group/Metal Barz
Scheduled release date: August 9th

Gage’s debut album “The Desolate Lands” includes post-apocalyptic, spiritual, rugged raps depicting the future of the world after the fallout of nuclear war as visioned by the Boston rapper. A must have album for all true hip hop fans!! Album features appearances by Click Animosity, Holocaust, Warghosts, Tragic Allies, Ripshop, Access Immortal, Karniage, Mighty Ravage, Fess Gotchu and more!!! Production by Dj Extremidiz, White Lotus, Purpose, Prophet One, Kwantize and more!! Don’t sleep on this album when it drops!!

Track list:
1.Desolate Lands (Intro)
2.Introduction 2 Destruction (Feat. Reverend Kane)
3.Blood Lust
4.Heavy Chainz
5.Broken Ceremony
6.Deadly Friends (Feat. Karniege, Access Immortal, Mighty Ravage & Fess Gotchu)
7.Habitat (Feat. Warghosts & Tragic Allies)
8.Fear No Evil (Feat. Justice of Black River Sound)
9.The Boneyard Dance (Feat. Rasul Allah, DeewuAllah, Rheto & Konflikk)
10.Blackout (Feat. DeewuAllah, Trust & Ripshop)
11.The Trumpets Call (Feat. Mami Uno)
12.Universal Warlords (Feat. Rasul Allah)
13.White Spider Assassinz (Feat Holocaust & Rheto) 04:16
14.High Priest (Interlude)
15.The Gospel (Broken Ribz)
16.The Revenge Of Abel
17.The News (Interlude)
18.The End

Gage The Conqueror feat. Karniage, Access Immortal, Mighty Ravage & Fess Gotchu
Deadly Friends
The Desolate Lands
The Island Def Jam Music Group/Metal Barz

In anticipation of his forthcoming album “The Desolate Lands”, Gage The Conqueror hits us off with the debut single “Deadly Friends”. Keeping in line with the album’s theme “Karniage, Access Immortal, Mighty Ravage & Fess Gotchu” aid the Boston rapper in setting a post apocalyptic, survival of the fittest scene. Violin & a steady snare are rapped over effortlessly by all vocalists & will leave the listener eagerly awaiting the album.

The track begins: “The minute I flex, you can see death, creepin’ up slow, takin’ your last breath” & clearly indicates that hardcore Hip Hop is the flava here, more descriptive than violent & scene setting to good effect. Quality Hip Hop no doubt!!!
(Rich Unique)

Download “Deadly Friends” here

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