Birthday profile: “Chuck D” A history in brief

Carlton Douglas Ridenhour was born on the 1st August 1960 in Roosevelt, Long Island, New York & is a genuine Hip Hop legend. Better known to the world as Chuck D, the leader & main voice of legendary group Public Enemy is a major part of Hip Hop history. Chuck’s revolutionary lyrics & dominant vocal style made him one of the most sampled & influential rappers ever. While studying in his younger years Chuck DJ’ed on college radio & went on to be part of a DJ crew called “Spectrum City”, a group name that was used for his first recording on wax. Spectrum City then became Public Enemy & their demo was enough to impress the execs at Def Jam, the rest is history.

He has appeared as a featured artist with not only other rap acts, but rock artists as well & rock music has been an element used by Public Enemy since they came out in 1987 to the present day. Chuck’s resonant, powerful voice is easily one of the most recognized in Hip Hop & at times his revolutionary, pro-black, anti-establishment lyrics have been criticized by some, but nevertheless influenced many.

Now seen as one of the elder statesmen of Hip Hop, Chuck D’s career is still fully active. Various radio appearances as guest & host, political activism & Public Enemy’s continuous live tours across the world add to the legacy of the man who can also be seen regularly as a panelist on political tv shows. A recent open letter on the state of Hip Hop is one of many he has made with regards to the music industry. Civil rights & discrimination is another area Chuck often comments on.

Surprisingly overlooked is Chuck’s solo career. Under the name Mistachuck he has released two albums. “Autobiography of Mistachuck” was released in 1996 (through Mercury Records) & last year “Don’t Rhyme For The Sake Of Riddlin'” was released on his own label “Slam Jamz”. Chuck has run the Slam Jamz record label since 1996.
(Rashad Unique)

Chuck D solo discography:
1996 Chuck D – Autobiography Of Mistachuck (Mercury)
2010 Chuck D Of Public Enemy Is MistaChuck – Don’t Rhyme For The Sake Of Riddlin’ (Slam Jamz)

3 thoughts on “Birthday profile: “Chuck D” A history in brief

  1. Peace & Blessings Brother “Chuck D”,
    I have always revered your words (message), sound (hip hop) and power (Public Enemy). Your work is ever present in my work with young people to establish a historical context for using hip hop as a conscious raising, political platform. Having discovered that we share the same earth strong/b-day, fills me with more wonder and delight about you as an individual genius mind and true leader. May you continue to grow and shine brighter than the sun. May your years be many my “Leo” brother from your sister from another mother. LOVE D. Farai Williams

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