S. Quanaah has an “Emerald Tablet” for all the listeners of creative music

S. Quanaah
The Emerald Tablet
Scheduled release date: December 2nd

“The Emerald Tablet” is the long awaited mind expansive musical soundscape that chronicles the creative concepts, poetical insights & living experiences of creative artist S. Quanaah. Produced and recorded by S. Quanaah, “The Emerald Tablet” invites listeners to explore a mystic world of sound & Music.

The album “The Emerald Tablet” will be available soon via S. Quanaah’s E-Store, Amazon or ordered through any major store (Target, Walmart, etc.) worldwide. It’s 23 Tracks of everything from lyrics, spoken word & instrumentals.

Check out 2 leak snippets, the second of which “Gods In Plain Clothes” will also appear on the forthcoming “Unique Heat” mixtape “True And Living”.

The Emerald Tablet album info @ CreateSpace: www.createspace.com/2008045

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