Akai MPC

Akai MPC 2000XL

Akai MPC

The Akai MPC is seen as the essential piece of equipment for hip hop production. MPC initially stood for Midi Production Center, but now MIDI has been replaced by Music. Designed by Roger Linn, an industrial music equipment designer & manufactured by giant Japanese electronic company Akai, the MPC range has easily won it’s way into hip hop production history.

The first model was the MPC 60, released in 1988 & was followed by the MPC 3000, MPC 2000, MPC200XL, MPC4000, MPC 2500 & the most recent, the MPC 5000 which came out in 2008. There are also two portable versions, the MPC 1000 & MPC 500.

The standard 16 drum pads have time & time again been used by the best known hip hop producers & bedroom enthusiasts alike, the most popular being the MPC 2000XL (by general concensus). Pete Rock is the producer that most recognise as being the most adept user of this drum machine/sampler.

Beacuse of the the popularity of this piece of equipment it has been copied in design numerous times, but the Akai MPC still remains industry standard.
(Rich Unique)

Akai MPC 5000

Akai MPC @ Akai professional: www.akaipro.com/mpc

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