45 King – Making The Beat


45 King
Making The Beat
Scion Audio Visual

Scion Audio Visual Radio 17, channel 4 is the home of The 45 King’s “Making The Beat” talk show. The 2 time grammy award-winning producer gets on the ones and twos playing club music, rap and movie themes. Tune in every month for exclusive mixes and hot new original tracks.

The former figurehead & main producer of the original Flavor Unit has another important element to the show. 45 invites on producers, DJ’s & rappers & talks with them about their careers & hip hop beats. Recent vistors on 45 King’s show include Diamond D, DJ Premier, Biz Markie, Kid Capri, Chill Rob G, Double J & Prince Paul. The shows are filmed as well & can be viewed on his YouTube channel (link below).

The 45 King’s main claims to fame come from him producing Jay-Z’s “Hard Knock Life” & Eminem’s “Stan”, but his beat making legacy is much larger than this. His numerous beat albums on Tuff City Records are now collectors items, the elements of which (Old soul & funk) heavily influence his shows.
(Rashad Unique)

*Listen to the 45 King @ Scion Audio Visual Radio: here

Visit 45 King @ YouTube here
Visit 45 King’s official website here

*Link no longer available

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