VH1’s Behind The Music: Nas

Behind The Music
Debut TV airing: Wednesday April 18th 2012, 9 p.m. (USA Eastern Time)

Watch episode @ VH1 (U.S. viewers only) here

“Behind The Music: Nas” tells the story of one of hip hop’s most daring and prolific icons. Raised in the gritty Queensbridge projects of New York City, Nas narrowly escaped his violent surroundings. He later channeled his experiences into a lyrical style that would revolutionize hip hop.

A musical legend by the age of 20, Nas’ passion for music has carried him through a tumultuous career. Despite very public distractions including multiple feuds with hip hop’s biggest names, political controversy, a highly publicized divorce with R&B star Kelis, as well as the devastating loss of his mother, Nas’ seven consecutive platinum albums have cemented him as one of the greatest hip hop artists of all time.

The special features candid interviews with Nas, members of his family, friends and hip hop luminaries including Russell Simmons, Q-Tip and Common. “Behind the Music: Nas” is the truly unfiltered story of Nasir Jones as it’s never been told before.

Nas has earned a reputation for being a man of few words during interviews, so it comes as a bit of a surprise that the Queens rapper agreed to film a segment of VH1’s “Behind the Music.” Just as expected, though, Nas was very reluctant to open up for the cameras, as he told MTV News.

“It was tough. I didn’t want to do ‘Behind the Music,’ ” Nas admits, reflecting on his decision to go through with the taping. “I didn’t. But at some point, if you don’t tell your story, somebody else will. So I gave them a little peek inside. It can’t hurt, just a little peek inside.”

Nas talked about growing up in the Queensbridge Housing Projects and watching his parents separate at a young age, in addition to talking about his storied hip-hop career. “You can never forget where you come from, no matter how far you go,” he says. “In the neighborhood where I’m from, people are killed for nothing. You can’t just ignore it. That’s the beauty of rap music, because we’re going to give you the side that no one wants to talk about.”

Before sitting down for the interview, Nas said he didn’t know what he would reveal. “I didn’t know what I would give them. I just sat down and talked,” he said. “I knew that I just needed to say enough. And as I’m talking, I realize, ‘Damn, there’s a lot of life here.’ I’m just giving it to them how I feel, but I’m realizing how much more there is.”

For someone known to be tight-lipped, Nas is opening up quite a bit this year. Whatever tales are left untold in his “Behind the Music” episode, fans will find in his upcoming autobiography, which is being penned with help from writer Touré. “The crazy thing is, I just did a book deal to write about my life,” Nas said. “At first I thought, ‘This is cool,’ but then I was going back and forth on it and finally said, ‘Let me just do it, man, it’s just life.’ ”

“I’ve been talking to Touré, and he’s been putting the book together,” he added. “I thought it would take me two years [to finish], but just with the stuff I gave him, it’s enough. It’s so much already. I can’t give you everything.”
(Article from MTV news)

Behind the music: Nas @ VH1: here

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