Brand Nubian gave “One For All” 22 years ago today!


Brand Nubian
One For All
Elektra Reords
Release date: December 4th 1990

The Nation of Gods & Earths inspired quartet from Now Rule/New Rochelle, New York, Brand Nubian had their debut album “One For All” released 22 years ago today.

With a positive lyrical flow, Lord Jamar & Derek X backed up the main figure Grand Puba Maxwell (formerly of Masters Of Ceremony) & DJ Alamo provided the cuts.

Single releases included “Brand Nubians”, which was originally released in 1989, “Wake Up” which had a video for this track filmed outside the Allah School In Mecca (national headquarters of the Nation Of Gods & Earths), “Slow Down” & All For One”.

This album was released in an era of Black conscious Hip Hop & it made the group’s culture of the Nation Of Gods & Earths a subject very studied. Grand Puba remained the dominant voice throughout the album & at times he offered an alternative to the teaching, but the vibe always remained positive.
(Rashad Unique)

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