Sun Tzu Cadre presents: The B.I.G. Album (The Blackman Is God)


Sun Tzu Cadre presents:
The B.I.G. Album (The Blackman Is God)
Cadre Records
Release date: February 22nd

In a genre of music where artistry has become the last requirement on the checklist of success, Sun Tzu Cadre still keeps the foundational concept in the forefront of their music. Based in Detroit, MI, STC (Sun Tzu Cadre) is a hip hop group that is rooted in activism and social change. Though it is hard to pin-point just exactly how many members there are in the group, one can definitely see the influence they have on the community and the disadvantaged youth in the metro Detroit area, via after school programs, volunteer work, etc.

STC’s mission is to bring about a higher level of thinking and awareness in the minds of the people/listeners; while bringing artistry and skill back to a lost genre of commercialized, “popcorn tunes”. Bonded as a family in 1994, then formed as a group in 2002, Sun Tzu Cadre’s principle are sketched all over their music.

STC’s debut releases, “B.I.G” & “G.O.D” is 10 years in the making and hits the stores and online, February 22nd, 2013
-special guest appearances from Wu-Tang Affiliates Bronze Nazareth, Desert Eez, Hell Razah, and more… PEACE!
(Sun-Tzu Cadre)


Stream & download @ Bandcamp here


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