Kalik Scientific – Rise Of The Phoenix King

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Kalik Scientific
Rise Of The Phoenix King
Be The Answer Music
Release date: 11th November 2012

Reviewing an album such as “Rise Of The Phoenix King” is more like a pleasure rather than journalism. Musically it’s a blend of orchestral strings, melodic piano & smooth harmonic singing. Lyrically Kalik is insightful, inspirational & introspective as well as intelligent with his wordplay. Also, it’s a rarity in this day & age to hear a hip hop album with NO cursing in it. (I think I only heard a swear word once, pardon me if I’m mistaken). There’s no glorification of violence, guns, misogyny, drugs or any of the common place cliches that has saturated this current era of so-called hip hop.

“Essential” is an introduction to the album’s proceedings, sounding like a grand entrance into a palace by a King, Kalik addresses the masses of what is to come. Delivered over a smooth piano riff, “Mantain” urges to do exactly that in this world of stress & strain. Avoid the pitfalls in life & be self sufficient is also the message here. “Phoenix King” is an abstract tale of Kalik’s rise to where he is today as a person & is followed by what surrounds him in “This World”.

“Unorthodox Ambition” is Kalik & guest vocalist Kil Ripkin’s opportunity to state their opposition to following the norm, they have no plans to be a slave to the system. They kick their rhymes over a movie score type backing to great effect. “Bring Peace” is self explanatory & the finger is pointed directly at those who aren’t, the powers that be. Female vocalist Cherri Blossom repeated sings the hook “Just Get Away” over a smooth melodic track in a journey to peace & tranquility, well away from the hustle & bustle of city life. “Mystical Insperience” is meditation music, spoken word poetry over flute with no beat. It’s introspective thoughts spoken aloud in a calm manner you could describe as inner peace.

Is it possible for a man to truly empathise with the mental pains a woman feels? We could debate this question forever, but Kalik shows his support for the Black woman who has been hurt & is angry. Genuine sympathy is evident in the lyrics & the acronym “S.M.I.L.E.” is the solution offered, Simply Move In Love Every Day. It may not be the complete answer, but it’s a positive option to choose. Singer Wisdom (in similar fashion to Cherri Blossom) repeatedly sings the hook “Be Yourself”. Well, what else can you do? “Esotericism” is a trip around the universe through all it contains, good & bad, with the traveler’s (Kalik’s) full awareness of his surroundings & how to navigate around them.

The track “Sacrifice” is about giving your all to put the world on the right path. You could hash tag this track #Altruism. “Space Cloud” is deep science on all the creativity that came forth from the universe. Then we wander onto “Nomadic”, an eternal & solo search in an attempt to find whatever is sought in life. It’s a lonely path.

“Wisdom is it’s own reward”, regardless of financial & material wealth. Once gained take your seat on the “Throne Of Wisdom”. Now crowned as Emperor, Kalik Scientific attends “The Coronation”. The phoenix has risen like a spaceship & travels around the universe to continue spreading his message of love, peace & happiness.

Each track musically suits the lyrics perfectly & the messages are positive & uplifting throughout. This is mind music, listen & let it enhance you mentally.
(Rich Unique)

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Visit Kalik Scientific’s official website here

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