Kalik Scientific – Holy Spirit Of G.O.D H.O.P

Album review


Kalik Scientific
Holy Spirit Of G.O.D H.O.P
Release date: 29th October 2013

Once again it’s more of the same from Kalik Scientific. More of the same as in repetitive? Not at all, more of a continuation of what he has started all in order to reach, teach & give audio pleasure to the listener. Listen intensely enough & you can paint a soundscape within the mind to accompany the narration by this introspective & observational vocalist.

The intent with each track is clear, vibing off the science of everything in life with the purpose of cleansing & healing all that is in decay. Hip Hop as an artform & the toxic mentality that plagues most of humanity are all offered verbal detox.

“Boom Baptizm” is exactly that. A boom bap beat gives authenticity to the adherence of a real hip hop format while the vocals welcome you into the fold of God Hop. Now you are ready for “The Beginning” of being raised from the mentally dead. Once awoken now you have the ability to put into “Perspective” all the negative activities that are enacted by people. What’s the best thing to do to combat these ills? “Take A Stand” against it. The mellow backdrop to each track performed so far soothes the mind, taking a stand doesn’t always mean being agressive or violent. Begin with erasing negativity within your own mentality first.

Celebrity worship or worship of any kind is unhealthy when an individual overlooks their own abilities & great potential. This is the subject matter discussed in “Stars Apocalypse” & the message is clear, your accomplishments are just as important as any celebrity out there.

Any fan of smooth early 90’s R&B will recognize the looped sample of Lisa Fischer on “Ease The Pain”. Forget all the chemical pain relief & medical prescriptions, just change your mentality & free the mind of material love & hatred. With that done doesn’t that feel just “Heavenly”? Yes it’s paradise & all your like minded company are around you. Revel in the fact that you made a “Departure” from a corrupt world & all it’s pitfalls. Unfortunately this world is being polluted chemically, but what you cannot control you can at least speak out about & highlight to others.

This album just like other Kalik Scientific albums can be described as “Musical Medicine” admit yourself to the healing hospital & let the instruments make you feel better. “Gods Time” is now & this track incorporates a cool name check of inspirational people. Be inspired yourself & see that your time is also now. The hook sample of Chi-Town’s rapper/actor Common advises that “Revolution Is Here”. Procreate then save & teach the children, they are the future & it’s a mind revolution process. “Holy Spirit Flame” takes on a change in musical direction with a gospel vocal background Keeping the flame burning of the spirit of God Hop & positivity is the urge of this track.

“Jazz & Fantasy” is layered with jazzy guitar & piano to accompany the freestyle type of flow, thus offering another alternative musical direction. Moving on, Whatever is negative within you “Let It Out”, whatever positive spirit (which is energy) you discover within you “Let It Out”.

Uplifting horns & strings resonate to great effect on “Live Forever”. People may die a physical death, but the spirit of positive creativity can surely as the title suggests, live on eternally. Now we enter “Zero Gravity”, not physically, but mentally as positive thoughts don’t remain unable to flow freely, expand & rise to higher levels, at least not from Kalik Scientific mind. We should follow suit & do the same.

Finally “The After Life” offers varying acronyms of the word God. Now with the spirit of God Hop motivating you, Go your Own Direction.

Kalik Scientific has a plan for you to better yourself. Listen & be inspired.
(Rashad Unique Allah)

Visit Kalik Scientific’s official website here

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