Hus Kingpin & Rozewood – 100$ Taper


Hus Kingpin & Rozewood
100$ Taper
Digi Crates Records
Release date: August 19th

Track list:
1. Rear View (Produced by Josh Lamont)
2. Persian Leathers (Produced by Manu Beats)
3. Dark Caesar (Produced by Giallo Point)
4. Hour Glass (Produced by Knxwledge)
5. Black Columbo (Produced by DirtyDiggs)
6. The Purge (feat. SmooVth) (Produced by Giallo Point)
7. Midnight Marauders (Produced by B. Sun)
8. Shallow Graves (Produced by The Custodian Of Records)
9. Rob The Strip Club (Produced by Manu Beats)
10. Tokyo Dreamin’ (Produced by Manu Beats)
11. Warrior Cry (#TheWinnersRemix) (feat. SmooVth & Sean Rosati)


Buy & download @ Digi Crates here

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