Lord Jessiah presents: Grounds Of Detroit 2: The Wrath Of God

Album Review

Lord Jessiah presents:
Grounds Of Detroit 2: The Wrath Of God
Black 7 Productions
Release date: March 21st 2017

It’s been an almost 4 years to the day wait for the follow up to the “G.O.D. :Grounds Of Detroit” album, but now the wait is over. Lord Jessiah presents for us “Grounds Of Detroit 2: The Wrath Of God” & I can personally say it was worth the eager anticipation. This is the kind of Hip Hop I like, it’s ruff, rugged & raw & then some! This album also shows that there is more to D-Mecca (Detroit to the 85’ers LOL) than Eminem & people that he put on. Lord Jessiah does the same by having features on each & every track, including guest cameo appearances from Guilty Simpson & Njeri Earth.

The production:
All the tracks are produced by Jessiah himself, apart from two which were constructed by X The Detective. In general the sound is a mix of chopped samples, sound stabs, hard beats & occasional cuts & scratches. Most times there are smooth, dramatic & melodic samples used, yet they don’t detract from the ruggedness of the album’s sound. The DJ work is provided by DJ Los & can only be described as vicious. There are no interludes or sung, harmonized choruses, just straight up hardcore beats. With this high standard of product I’d be happy to work with Lord Jessiah myself.

The vocals:
The album to me is like a continuous freestyle cipher. The raps are aggressive & packed with metaphors, none of which are intended for commercial radio play. Each rapper showcases their ability to spit their best lyrics without the aim of trying to outdo, or upstage one another. There is no preaching or teaching here, just hard street rhymes.

The tracks:
Let the wrath begin! From the onset & right to the end of this album, every track is a sonic assault. The album begins with “Pistols” feat. the Wisemen. With their mics being the aforementioned pistols, you can picture them storming stage to the dramatic musical backdrop provided. Now the arrival is over, a steady pace comes in the form of “Karma’s Kitchen” feat. Beej & Slautah & “Horse Power” feat. O1 & Kawshus.

As it suggests “No Friend Of Ours” feat. Illah Dayz tells a tale of betrayal which will be followed up in a later track. “Gun Chariots” feat. Loe Louis, La Peace & Drugs TheEmCee & “Nights At The Round Table” feat. Metasyons & J-Kidd both have an uplifting sound to them.

The title track “Wrath Of God” feat. Alius Pnukkl & Fatt-Father & “Detroit Decembers” feat. Konphlict & Da Prezident Chris Walker calm things down musically a little before “Cold Dishes” are served with Drugs TheEmCee & Venus Sky. The debut single off this album comes across as being the follow up to the story in “No Friend Of Ours”. I may be wrong, but it certainly gives that impression. After all the album is entitled the “Wrath Of God” & every rapper sounds mad vexed!!! What I can confirm is that it’s my standout track on the album. The production is fiyah!

“Prize Fighters” feat. 5-Star & Njeri Earth is a bass driven battle track. Even though she has already more than proved her worth, trust me, on this evidence Njeri Earth could easily outrap many male rappers. Man, she went in hard on this joint!

“Suicide Doors” feat. Rome & Jade Josephine & “Cry Later” feat. Fat-Ray & Phillie see the album continue in the same vein as the rest of the content, a posse type track with hard raps.

Now for the album finale. Without trying to be condescending, or taking anything away from the talent of others, it’s always a massive advantage to have a well known artist on your album or track. This is provided by Guilty Simpson on Stress Plates, also feat. Bronze Nazareth. The beat is choppy, but smoothly rapped over by all featured.

This album, as I stated earlier is not for commercial radio play. What “Grounds Of Detroit 2: The Wrath Of God” is, is an album that stays true to the original format of hardcore Hip Hop. If that’s your vibe, then you’ll surely appreciate it as much as myself. Long may the wrath of The D-Mecca God Lord Jessiah Allah continue!

(Rashad Unique)

Preview the album “Grounds Of Detroit 2: The Wrath Of God” here

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