E-Stone – This Is Love

Album Release

This Is Love
Release date: June 25th

E-Stone describes himself as “A normal guy who’s been a fan of Hip Hop and it’s culture since 1979.” He’s On a crusade to bring back the importance of conscious Hip Hop.

The aim of his debut album “This Is Love” is to continue his mission. E-Stone feels that “The stupidity found in today’s rap music is not by accident and the damage it’s causing must be stopped.”

1. This Is Love
2. Imagine If…
3. Fatal Attraction
4. Beneficial Hip Hop
5. This Is My Journey
6. Spit In Your Face
7. I Produce The Good Fruit…
8. One Of A Kind
9. Since ’79
10. Eliminate You
11. The Needs Of The Many…
12. Put Your Hands Up
13. Glass Box
14. Good Lookin’
15. The Hand Writings On The Wall…
16. What The Hell Is Going On?!

Stream, buy & download @ Bandcamp here

Check out more from E-Stone at his website hiphopquotables.com where “It’s All About The Lyrics”

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