DJ Priority & Eloh Kush – Tut Talk

An EP Release

DJ Priority & Eloh Kush
Tut Talk (EP)
Angelz Inc.
Release date: June 28th

An 8 track EP of Boom Bap with beats from DJ Priority & rhymes by Eloh Kush. The duo also recorded a mini documentary on the making & meaning of the EP which can be seen below:

DJ Priority & Eloh Kush present:
The Making Of Tut Talk the EP

1. Intro
2. Paradigms & Algorithms
3. 100% Dis
4. Noetic (feat. John Robinson & Leah Jenea & Left Gunnz)
5. Follow The Shams
6. Tut Talk (feat. Ja The Gif)
7. Doogies Pt 2 (feat. Glorious)
8. Flute

Stream, buy & download @ Bandcamp here

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