Masta Killa feat. Boy Backs & Moe Roc – OGs Told Me

Masta Killa feat. Boy Backs & Moe Roc
OGs Told Me
Loyalty Is Royalty
Nature Sounds
Directed by: Jeff Pliskin

It’s been a long wait for the follow up to Masta Killa’s ‘Selling My Soul’ album which dropped in 2012. For now, the Wu-Tang Clansman has teamed up with Boy Backs from Philadephia & Harlem’s Moe Roc on ‘OG’s Told me. As the title suggests, it’s a tribute to the elders who taught him valuable lessons. ‘Loyalty Is Royalty’ is the title of the forthcoming project, hopefully due out later this year.

Japreme Magnetic – Retired Armed Robber

Album Release

Japreme Magnetic
Retired Armed Robber
Release date: July 28th

The latest full length release from Washington D.C.’s Japreme Magnetic is entitled ‘Retired Armed Robber’. The album includes vocal features from Kasim Allah & Queen Divinity.

1. Intro
2. Just When I Retired
3. The Fresh One
4. Wisdom Bodies
5. No Religion (feat. Kasim Allah)
6. Calculated & Patient
8. Shotgun On A Budget
9. Underground Hip Hop (feat. Queen Divinity)
10. Stocking Mask

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Mr. Lif & Akrobatik (The Perceptionists) – Resolution

Album Release

Mr. Lif & Akrobatik (The Perceptionists)
Mello Music Group
Release date: July 28th

After a 12 year hiatus, this is the first album release from Mr. Lif & Akrobatic since then. The duo are known as ‘The Perceptionists’ & the album title is ‘Resolution’.

1. Early Mourning
2. Hose Down (feat. Syne)
3. Out of Control
4. Lemme Find Out
5. When Push Comes To Shove (feat. Dutch Rebelle)
6. Let’s Battle
7. Free At Last (feat. Syne)
8. Dirty Drumz
9. Grab Hold
10. A Different Light
11. Resolution

Album description:
The first full-length from Mr. Lif & Akrobatik (The Perceptionists) in a dozen years reflects the struggles and near-death sagas that struck them. During that span, Lif miraculously survived his tour bus plummeting over a 38 foot cliff. Akrobatik weathered a sudden aortic rupture and emergency open-heart surgery. The impact of those experiences forced the former Def Jux duo to contemplate fate, luck, and their own place within a world spinning out of control.

But their ability to survive has allowed them to thrive. They’ve harnessed a radiant hard-won optimism that refuses to flinch from the evils of existence. From the album’s first track, “Early Mourning,” Akrobatik asserts that courage comes from within, but reflects on the millions of young black men sent to premature graves. He considers whether gang affiliation is inherent in their souls, or more likely, whether things would be different if these neighborhoods were well lit and effectively policed.

If turmoil and inequity currently wrack the globe at record levels, Lif’s verses seem more prophetic than ever. His verses offer searing indictments of corporate and political corruption: corporations oppressing local farms, governmental duplicity in dealing with big pharmaceutical companies, and the crooked brutality of cops who get away with shooting unarmed black men.

On “Hose Down,” the pair brilliantly intersperse news reports from the MLK-led Birmingham protests of 1963 with the internecine problems of the present—where a traffic stop can still lead to a funeral. It’s as poignant of a polemic as you’ll find, but blended with a danceable Caribbean lilt.

With the Perceptionists, the personal is political and vice-versa. Akrobatik rhymes about his “desire to breathe in the sun before my skin dries out” but still refuses to be “the coward in a pretend hide out.” On “Lemme Find Out,” they kick ingeniously sinister dystopian horror raps about our grotesque addiction to technology. There are love songs over beats that sound like they could’ve been on Madvillainy, stories of cypher demolitions of would-be challengers, and dirty ass rhymes over dirty ass drums—as The Perceptionists sagely insist, that’s all the world really wants.

It’s music from deep in the trenches, songs that confront the blitzkrieg of bad news but offer light at the end of the bombardment. If you listen closely, you can intuit a profound story of friendship and camaraderie between Lif and Akrobatik—lifelong friends trading bars with the chemistry of Tip and Phife, Andre and Big Boi, Erick and Parrish. They’re mortal men who made mistakes, gained experience, and obtained wisdom. This is Resolution.
(Album description via Bandcamp)

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Rap Noir – Let It Rain

Rap Noir
Let It Rain
Rap Noir
Hieroglyphics Imperium Recordings
Directed by: Unjust

Souls Of Mischief’s Tajai has collaborated with producer Unjust to form the group ‘Rap Noir’. The first visual offering from the duo ‘Let It Rain’ is clearly influenced by the Noir genre of film. Noir is a type of crime film or fiction characterized by cynicism, fatalism, and moral ambiguity.

More of the same, along with some narrative rhymes can be expected on the Rap Noir debut album, which is self titled.
(Rashad Unique)

TRPL: Respect The Sole & walk The Righteous Path In Life

TRPL (Triple Threat Footwear)
Founder: Danny Shaw
Founded: 2013
New York City

Even though it has gone through many changes over the years, image & fashion are synonymous with Hip Hop culture, especially footwear. Therefore, what better way to promote the artform than with customized sneakers.

This was the idea & of Danny “D Shaw” Shaw who had studied at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, Manhattan New York. He’s also been in the apparel and shoe business for over 20 years. With being a long time Hip Hop fan in mind, he created the Triple Threat Footwear company.

In 2014, TRPL released their first shoe ‘The T3 Savage’ at the ‘Source 360’ which, in their own words is a “Total market conference, festival, & concert, celebrating Hip-Hop’s positive impact on art, music, fashion, film & TV, dance, sports & technology” in Brooklyn, New York. The purpose behind the TRPL Threat shoe line was to create a shoe that was affordable, accessible and at the same time fashionable. Retailing at aprox. $75.00, the shoe is fashionable & much more affordable than major brands.

Then the next innovative move, canvas Chuck Taylor style sneakers customized with artwork of legendary Hip Hop acts. This was the beginning of the ‘T3 Hip Hop Series’. So far there are shoes done for Naughty By Nature, Onyx, Public Enemy, Brand Nubian, GZA, & Duck Down Music Inc. The series also includes 5 different Tupac Shakur designs. These shoes all retail at $70.00.

The organizations ‘Threat Team’ as they are known, includes the company’s vice president Kenyatta Blake aka Buckshot (of Black Moon fame) & Vinny Brown (of Naughty By Nature) who deals with promotion. The Hip Hop & celebrity community are also showing support with Sirius Satellite, Hot 97, XXL magazine, The Source, and celebrities like DJ Funk Flex, actor Terry Crews & radio presenter Sway Calloway giving their backing.

This isn’t just a business venture to solely make money. The team have hosted various youth events in New York, mainly attending schools to deliver mentoring sessions. They also hosted their 1st ‘Get Educated: Youth Empowerment Tour’ on Nov. 26th, 2014 at Williamsburg High School of Architecture and Design in Brooklyn. Around 36 pairs of TRPL shoes were given away to Williamsburg’s highest performing students.

TRPL clearly see the benefits of combining, community, arts, education, Hip Hop & positive upliftment of the youth.
(Rashad Unique)

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