A.G. – The Taste Of AMBrosia

Album Release

The Taste Of AMBrosia
Megatron Bronx/Slice Of Spice
Release date: June 22nd

As a veteran rapper in the game, Andre the Giant is giving us some mature rap which has the ‘The Taste Of AMBrosia’. AMBrosia combines the food of the mythical Gods with the initials of A.G.’s government name.

Mainly known for his rhymes as a part of the duo Showbiz & A.G., he’s continuing to expand his solo catalog. Lyrically the vibe is retrospective of the past yet observant of today’s social issues, all as A.G. sees them. Subject matters covered range from the street stories, government politics & the music industry (from a Hip Hop point of view). For the majority of the album there’s very much a mellow, jazzy flava to the beats. There’s no Showbiz involvement on this project, but fellow D.I.T.C. rapper/producer Diamond D appears & provides beats on the album.

Andre the Giant continues to grow with his brand of grown folks Hip Hop.

1. Night Of Fire (feat. President Ella)
2. Everything Is Backwards
3. Magical World
4. What You Talking Bout (feat. Diamond D)
5. Losing My Mind (feat. Frank Vocals)
6. Fort Apache (feat. Priest Da Beast & Draf)
7. Marcus Garvey (Interlude)
8. The Bronx (feat. Diamond D & A Bless)
9. Have It Your Way (feat. Cassandra The Goddess & Whispers)
10. Price Of Fame
11.Dead Presidents (feat. Draf)
12. Childs Play (feat. A Bless & Bugz)

Preview, buy & download @ iTunes here

Stream, purchase & download @ Bandcamp here

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