About Unique Heat

About Unique Heat

Peace World. Just a little somethin’ about what Rashad Unique’s “Unique Heat” blogsite is all about. I’m here to play my part as an avid fan of HIP HOP since the mid 1980’s to keep REAL HIP HOP alive & profiled.

Here will be the home base for album & single reviews, interviews, mixtape downloads, discussions, diggin’ for breakbeats & samples, artist profiles, video footage, classic Hip Hop album & single covers & all that encompasses to me, “REAL HIP HOP”.

On here you will not find pop rap, R & B or any of the commercialised music that the media try to pass off as Hip Hop.


*Please report any broken download or video links so they can be rectified.

*P.S. All download links posted on this blog are legally free ones. There are no free download links posted on here for retail items, so don’t ask or look for them. Support the artists & buy the music!!

(Rashad Unique)

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