TRPL: Respect The Sole & walk The Righteous Path In Life

TRPL (Triple Threat Footwear)
Founder: Danny Shaw
Founded: 2013
New York City

Even though it has gone through many changes over the years, image & fashion are synonymous with Hip Hop culture, especially footwear. Therefore, what better way to promote the artform than with customized sneakers.

This was the idea & of Danny “D Shaw” Shaw who had studied at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, Manhattan New York. He’s also been in the apparel and shoe business for over 20 years. With being a long time Hip Hop fan in mind, he created the Triple Threat Footwear company.

In 2014, TRPL released their first shoe ‘The T3 Savage’ at the ‘Source 360’ which, in their own words is a “Total market conference, festival, & concert, celebrating Hip-Hop’s positive impact on art, music, fashion, film & TV, dance, sports & technology” in Brooklyn, New York. The purpose behind the TRPL Threat shoe line was to create a shoe that was affordable, accessible and at the same time fashionable. Retailing at aprox. $75.00, the shoe is fashionable & much more affordable than major brands.

Then the next innovative move, canvas Chuck Taylor style sneakers customized with artwork of legendary Hip Hop acts. This was the beginning of the ‘T3 Hip Hop Series’. So far there are shoes done for Naughty By Nature, Onyx, Public Enemy, Brand Nubian, GZA, & Duck Down Music Inc. The series also includes 5 different Tupac Shakur designs. These shoes all retail at $70.00.

The organizations ‘Threat Team’ as they are known, includes the company’s vice president Kenyatta Blake aka Buckshot (of Black Moon fame) & Vinny Brown (of Naughty By Nature) who deals with promotion. The Hip Hop & celebrity community are also showing support with Sirius Satellite, Hot 97, XXL magazine, The Source, and celebrities like DJ Funk Flex, actor Terry Crews & radio presenter Sway Calloway giving their backing.

This isn’t just a business venture to solely make money. The team have hosted various youth events in New York, mainly attending schools to deliver mentoring sessions. They also hosted their 1st ‘Get Educated: Youth Empowerment Tour’ on Nov. 26th, 2014 at Williamsburg High School of Architecture and Design in Brooklyn. Around 36 pairs of TRPL shoes were given away to Williamsburg’s highest performing students.

TRPL clearly see the benefits of combining, community, arts, education, Hip Hop & positive upliftment of the youth.
(Rashad Unique)

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