Minnie Riperton – Here We Go

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Minnie Riperton
Here We Go
Love Lives Forever
Capitol Records

Although she died aged on 31, Minnie Riperton’s music catalog was quite extensive & admired. It contains numerous heavily used samples, but this particular track ‘Here We Go’ isn’t in that category. It’s a very mellow string (probably harp) sample & it has the vocals isolated. Additional vocals on this track itself are supplied by Peabo Bryson.

To my recollection this track was first sampled in 1995. Noteworthy users include: A rapper/producer from a Bronx collective & a collaboration by two allied solo wordsmiths.

David Matthews – Part II: Sandworms

Breaks, Beats & Samples

David Matthews
Part II: Sandworms
CTI Records

The story behind this album is as mystical as the source of the influence behind its creation. ‘Dune’ is a sc-fi novel written by Frank Herbert in 1965 that was made into a movie in 1984. In 1977, piano keyboard expert David Matthews who had been both an arranger and bandleader for James Brown, recorded a suite based on aspects of the novel.

Although the album was artistically acclaimed, it became a commercial flop because of CTI’s legal mismanagement. As they never asked for Frank Herbert’s permission to use his novel Dune as the main theme for the album, he filed a law suit against CTI and won which forced the label to delete it from their catalog. Somehow it was re-released in Japan on CD in 1994.

Now, onto the main point: ‘Sandworms’ (the main group of creatures from Dune). Following musically in line with the jazz-funk theme, this track has a steady & deep bassline used most notably by a rapper/producer who also liked scientific themes. This track is the stand-out piece of music on the album, leaving no doubt why it’s been sampled so many times.
(Rashad Unique)

Lee Dorsey – Get Out My Life, Woman

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Lee Dorsey
Get Out My Life, Woman
Amy Records

Produced by legendary New Orleans based music mogul Allen Toussaint, Lee Dorsey’s version of this song has hard drums & funky piano used many a time in Hip Hop tracks. There are numerous other versions of this song, most of which have been sampled too.