Method Man & Redman with special guests M.O.P. @ Rock City, Nottingham, England. Tuesday December 9th 2014


Method Man & Redman
with special guests: M.O.P.
Rock City
Tuesday December 9th 2014

“Let me explain something to y’all, two things when you come to the Redman & Method Man show: The first thing is weed… the second thing is energy!!!! Where the f**k is the energy???!!” (Method Man, Dec 9, 2014)

Just don’t let Meth know that I neither drink or smoke! MUSIC makes me high like The Lost Boyz! Don’t let Red know that I don’t need to smoke weed at their shows!

November 2, 2013, Method Man & Redman stormed the Eventim Apollo. They had an hour set and Busta Rhymes was to follow them. I said then that their sets was not long enough, yet it was one of the most epic shows I had ever attended. What made it better, was that people doubted the show and found themselves regretting their ignorant ways by not attending. So how do the Def Jam legends top a show like that? It’s simple. Bring M.O.P. with you.

Before the First Family graced the stage, there is something that must be said about the opening acts on this night… I feel their passion, but I’m unsure if rhyming over certain US produced beats will get heads interested. While the unknowing in the crowd will love what’s happening on stage, others will just nod their head to the instrumental and ignore the rhymes simply because they know that beat. People in the crowd were spotted taking selfies and uploading them to instagram.

The venue became a capacity crowd, and the management stuck to the time frame. M.O.P. were scheduled for 8.45pm, and at 8.45pm M.O.P. exploded on stage by being ‘Cold As Ice’. Now the crowd are awake, and Billy Danze & Lil Fame continue their alarm clock ringing by performing their current hits like ‘Bang Time’ and the new ‘187’ from their Street Certified EP. As ferocious as these pair are, even they have to take a short time out in their performance, and by doing that Lil’ Fame went behind the wheels of steel and showed his DJ’ing skills.


A shameful highlight came about when Billy Danze asked the crowd what their first ever single was… I knew what it was, but when 95% of the crowd couldn’t answer him, I felt embarrassed. This is a crowd who supposedly loves 90s Hip Hop but they don’t know M.O.P.s first single??? Not to worry as the duo soon refreshed their memories as they went into their old school segment, with ‘How About Some Hardcore?’ and ‘World Famous’ amongst others. It just shows how the majority of fans got familiar from the ‘Warriorz’ album… which is arguably their equivalent to Wu-Tang’s 36 Chambers in terms of how many hits they performed on stage from that album: ‘Follow Instructions’, ‘Warriorz’, ‘Home Sweet Home’, ‘G-Building’, & ‘Calm Down’….

“Yeah, The Time is Now, yeah, for all n!**@$ to step up, fake n!**@$, step the f**k back, this is NOT for you…” (DJ Premier, 2000)

Considering that many fans in the building were Wu-Tang fans, was it slightly controversial when the Mash Out Posse named DJ Premier as the greatest producer of all time? Not really. Usually Premier, RZA & Pete Rock are mentioned in the same sentence, and if fans wanted to argue that point, M.O.P had no problem breaking it down why, mentioning the numerous people he brought out, such as Lord Finesse, Guru, all the way to Christina Aguilera. You wanna argue with M.O.P.??? Thought not.

Their 45-minute set ended pretty much as it began, calling forth a mosh pit for Ante Up… it was refreshing to hear the original, as great as the remix with Busta Rhymes & Remy Ma is. M.O.P.’s mission was to warm up the crowd, not set it on FYYYYYYYAAAAAAH!!!! See what I did there???

Shout out to Das Efx’s DJ – DJ Dice who kept the crowd pumping through the seemingly lengthy 15 minute interval with those 90s Hip Hop classics. And just as scheduled, at 9.45pm, the capacity crowd heard the words of the Iron Lung… “Do you wanna get high man???” At this point, the law for smoking indoors had been broken, and the police wasn’t called. That’s what you call great vibes!!!

The Blunt Brothers performance near mirrored what they did last year, but the energy in this performance seemed to have been multiplied 10-fold!


Highlights included Redman’s comedic antics… Redman brought his How High movie cheating strategy into the chorus of ‘City Lights’… That run around the stage though!!! That run he does is straight hilarious! Method Man pulled out his most energetic performance of ‘Fallout’ from the 4:21, The Day After album… Meth was so close to breakdancing I thought I was watching a live action version of ‘Step Up to The Streets’! Shame on Def Jam for not promoting this album, We may have had a video for Fallout from arguably Meth’s most solid solo project.

There is a lesson to be learned: If you are a female, and you are at the very front of the crowd, be ready to fight. That goes for the supporting partner. Females WILL pick a fight with you (and your partner) just to see their favourite Wu-Tang Ticallian Stallion perform ‘All I Need/There For You’… that’s what I saw.

As much as Meth & Red love performing the current sh!t, they love to go back to the old sh!t! God bless the classics like ‘Time 4 Sum Aksion’, ‘M.E.T.H.O.D. Man’, and ‘How High’ to name a few… maybe I need to see Redman live on his own, because this is the second time I’ve seen Red & Meth, and while Muddy Waters is arguably his greatest album to date, apart from ‘Pick It Up’, Red didn’t perform any of those tracks on this night.

Just like M.O.P., there was an embarrassing incident that happened. As Wu-Tang affiliate StreetLife was introduced, fans actually questioned who he was… granted people hardly saw him in Wu-videos, this man has been with the Wu from Meth’s first album, appeared on one of GZA’s biggest hits (Cold World), was dominantly featured throughout Meth’s Tical 2000 Judgment Day LP and on Wu-Tang Forever, Nottingham fans need to go back and do the knowledge. Fans wanted that 90s Wu-Tang sound from A Better Tomorrow, but don’t know who StreetLife is? I’m guessing they don’t know who Tekitha is either…

It’s been 10 years since the tragic death of Ol’ Dirty Bastard, so Method Man unzipped is emotions as he asked the crowd if they miss ODB like he misses him. Fans at the front will tell you that tears left Method Man’s eyes at this moment. Meth knew that Dirty would want him to keep going in his memory, so Meth called for the mosh pit as ‘Shimmy Shimmy Ya’ was blasted through the speakers. The energy was so intense that my health condition actually kicked in! Haemochromatosis told me to retreat to the bar to get that glass of water before the worst could happen… Redman traded in his shirt for a Wu-Tang shirt as he and Meth acknowledged the creator of the clan logo – Allah Mathematics on the wheels of steel as he showed his record scratching skills going head to head with DJ Dice.

If there is one thing that hip hop heads love, is when the artists put today’s hip hop on blast… check it – Red & Meth – neither of em wearing chains, and they cussed today’s artists for walking round on stage showing off their necklace, and got 100 hype men behind em and the songs are not even good… Redman told the Nottingham crowd to boo them off the stage! Method Man takes off his shirt, gets the girls wild as he wrings out his shirt… that could never have been sweat… that was like a bottle of water been emptied out on the floor! THAT’S HOW TO ROCK THE CROWD! And Meth didn’t even go into his 36 Chambers segment of the show!

Admittedly, for the life of me I cannot understand how Da Rockwilder is their most successful single… but the show cannot be ended any other way with Red & Meth literally flying into the crowd… something I didn’t see with Redman the first time I saw him live.

This show surpassed last year’s… and that is saying something. If my health came into play, THAT’S HOW GOOD it was. So good, that Meth promises Nottingham that they were so good to him that next year, he’s bringing the entire Clan with him… don’t take this as mere words… a few days later it was announced that Wu-Tang are coming back to the UK in June 2015… two dates are revealed so far, expect more dates to be added. All Nottingham can do, is wait impatiently….
(Michael Grant of RePPiN 4U)

Photograpy courtesy of Wu-nited Kingdom