Professor Griff – Acapella Revolution


Professor Griff
Acapella Revolution
Published by: Taquiyyah Music
ISBN-10: 0977124223
ISBN-13: 978-0977124220
Publication date: 3rd May 2013 (First edition, first printing January 2013)

Acapella Revolution is the most recent book by Professor Griff. It discusses a wide range of issues and is interspersed with poetry and lyrics. The writing style is very creative & it is a multi-layered construction of a literary work. The book is infused with the “oral traditional” found in African heritage. Acapella being associated with the “oral tradition” refers to the transmission of cultural lessons through vocal utterance, vibration and frequencies. The “oral lore” is cultural material and tradition transmitted orally from one generation to the next. The messages or testimony are verbally transmitted in speech or song and in modern times may take the form of Hip Hop.

Professor Griff is practicing this tradition to pass on the information about the true nature of our world. The science of socializing the thoughts of the listener is the revolutionary method that the acapella revolution movement will bring about. This “social science” is the oratorical discipline that is in practice today to affect society and human behavior. The acapella revolution is the revolution in acapella.

The book is also layered in resources. There is a list of books and DVDs. There is a list of resources dealing with the New World Order, The Illuminati, Afro-Centered and Afro-Centric education, music and theory.
These resources show the reader what was used to construct songs and develop critical thinking.
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Forthcoming book: Written! The Lyrics of Grandmaster Caz

Written! The Lyrics of Grandmaster Caz
The Written Book Company
Scheduled release date: 19th November 2012

Grandmaster Caz is a pioneering legend who can genuinely be credited as one of the inventors of rap. Caz is perhaps best known as the writer of Big Bang Hank’s rhyme in Rappers Delight. The lyrics were stolen from him and he has never been credited or paid a dollar for writing the words to possibly the most famous rap record ever.

Caz went on to join the legendary Coldcrush Brothers whose party rocking style would greatly influence many of rap’s commercial breakthrough artists.

In 2012 Caz became the unexpected star of Ice-T’s seminal rap movie Something From Nothing : The Art Of Rap. In the movie Caz receives props from many of the cast, including Ice-T, Rev Run, Rakim and Eminem, who sight him as one of the godfathers of Rap. As a result of the movie Caz’s career is enjoying a significant renaissance.

Notable for his extraordinary penmanship Caz’s favourite rhymes are reproduced from his notebooks and published for the first time in this beautiful book.
(Excerpt from The Lyric Book Company)

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Professor Griff – The Psychological Covert War On Hip Hop

Professor Griff
The Psychological Covert War On Hip Hop
Published by: Taquiyyah Music
ISBN-10: 0977124207
ISBN-13: 978-0977124206
Publication date: 13th December 2011

The Psychological Covert War on Hip Hop, The Illuminati take over, control, and brainwashing of our culture.

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SP-1200: The Art And The Science

SP-1200: The Art And The Science
Compiled by: Pbody
Published by: 27Sens
ISBN: 978-295354101-4
Release date: 21st December 2011 (3rd release)

In the chapters to come, PBODY will guide you through the world of the SP1200, its history, its underlying technology, and both conventional and unconventional techniques for making music with it. I am personally honored to have played a key role in creating such a time-honored instrument, and I must confess how delightful it has been to have a chance to pour over the schematics again and recall the whole design experience. I hope you’ll have as much fun reading as I and the whole E-mu gang did in producing the SP1200. Enjoy!
(Dave Rossum, E-Mu Systems Inc.)

• 1. The art
• 2. The science
• 3. The 12 bits grit
• 4. Cookbook
• 5. Repair section
• 6. Tricks & Tips
• 7. Quote / Unquote
• 8. Mix Out

PART 2: Exclusive Interviews by Kicdrum Products™
• Buckwild
• Dela
• DJ I-Cue
• DJ Jazzy Jeff
• DJ Joc Max
• DJ Roddy Rod
• DJ Spinna
• E-Swift
• Easy Mo Bee
• Gensu Dean
• Grap Luva (Pete Rock’s Brother)
• Imhotep
• Insight
• J.Force
• J-Zone
• Jamey Staub (Pete Rock’s Sound Engineer)
• Jel
• J-Ro
• Kdef
• Kenny Parker
• Lewis Parker
• Lord Finesse
• Mac Mccraw
• Needle Drifterz
• Nick Wiz
• Showbiz
• Ski Beatz
• Todd Terry
& much More…

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Def Jam Recordings: The First 25 Years Of The Last Great Record Label

Def Jam Recordings:
The First 25 Years Of The Last Great Record Label

In association with Def Jam, a celebration of the first twenty-five years of the label that defined hip-hop music and culture, in the words and photographs of its founders and artists.

This is the story of Def Jam in the words of its artists and top executives, taken from interviews and seamlessly told as a narrative of no-holds barred recollections and anecdotes, made even more compelling by the fact that Def Jam is one of the last great record labels to enjoy the widespread cultural influence that it does, in light of the increasing digitization of music.

Def Jam celebrates a label that defined hip-hop and whose impact extends beyond its incredible roster of recording artists to all areas of culture, fashion, lifestyle, cinema & art impacting the music business and pop culture forever.

In 1984, Def Jam introduced a new kind of music and lifestyle “hip-hop” through aspiring record producer and punk-rocker Rick Rubin and party promoter/artist manager Russell Simmons. It has become the sound of young America, akin to Motown in the sixties.

This is the first book to see the label whole: through an oral history woven from interviews (some exclusive) with its founders and artists such as LL Cool J, Beastie Boys, Jay-Z, Ludacris, Ja Rule, Rihanna, Ashanti, and Kanye West, as well as through rare memorabilia from personal archives of the label’s movers and shakers: behind-the-scenes photos, flyers, advertisements, movie posters, album cover art, magazine covers, and press clips from around the world. It also showcases images from some of the best-known photographers of the era, including Albert Watson, Glen E. Friedman, Jonathan Mannion, and Annie Leibovitz.

It is designed by Cey Adams, Def Jam’s founding creative director and is an insider’s portrait of the last great record label.

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