Ice Cube – Good Cop Bad Cop

Ice Cube
Good Cop Bad Cop
Death Certificate: 25th Anniversary
Cube Vision/Interscope Records

One of 3 bonus tracks from the 25th Anniversary edition of the “Death Certificate” album (Almost 26 actually, as it was originally released on October 29th 1991), “Good Cop Bad Cop” is the first visual release. It’s classic Cube at his best, raging against the powers that be.

Ice Cube – Death Certificate: 25th Anniversary

Album Release

Ice Cube
Death Certificate: 25th Anniversary
Cube Vision/Interscope Records
Release date: June 9th

A 25th Anniversary re-release of the classic 1991 album, including 3 newly recorded bonus tracks: Only One Me, Good Cop Bad Cop & Dominate The Weak.

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Stik Figa – Holding Back Tears

Stik Figa
Holding Back Tears
Central Standard Time
Mello Music Group
Directed by: Morgan Cooper

Artist’s track description:
“Holding Back Tears” is a song I wrote as a way to deal with the emotions of loss in the context of my personal experiences as a black man in America. The constant push and pull of what is considered acceptable versus how I feel, and making the right choices for my survival and being able to keep my conscious intact. I’m sure many can relate, so, I thought I would share, and be transparent about it all.”

“I couldn’t even cry, all I wanted was revenge. Some wounds never heal, even time couldn’t fix.”
(Stik Figa)

Educated Rapper (of U.T.F.O.) has passed away aged 54

Jeffrey Campbell aka Educated Rapper

Educated Rapper, one quarter of the legendary Hip Hop group U.T.F.O., passed away on June 3rd. According to reports he had been fighting against cancer & had been hospitalized. It’s stated he was 54 years of age.

The group’s most famous track was “Roxanne, Roxanne”. Released in 1984 it was the beginning of Hip Hop’s famous Roxanne rap battles.

U.T.F.O. who hailed from Brooklyn & group members included Doctor Ice, Kangol Kid & Mix Master Ice, along with Educated Rapper (also known as MD or EMD), recorded & performed together between 1984 & 1992. Living up to his name he graduated from New Rochelle college in New York in 2009.

As expected the Hip Hop community have taken to social media to give their condolences. Hip Hop media have published tributes on their websites also.

Below is footage of Educated Rapper in 2011.

Gensu Dean & Wise Intelligent – Game Of Death

Gensu Dean & Wise Intellent
Game Of Death
Mello Music Group
Release date: June 2nd

1. Life (feat. Hakem U.L. Allah)
2. WTF
3. Ever So Lightly
4. We Are
5. Damn
6. Ooh Wee (Shakiyla Pt. 4)
7. G.O.D. (Game Of Death)
8. Black Fear
9. Amen
10. Death (feat. Akil Jatu Allah)

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