Unique Heat Mixtapes @ DatPiff

UH visual est. 2011

Unique Heat Mixtapes @ DatPiff

The Unique Heat mixtape series is one that began in 2011 & will be ongoing, all in order to deliver fans of real Hip Hop with tuff beats & a message exactly what they want.

The mixtapes that have already been released in the series: “Global Warming”, “True And Living” & “Clearer Understanding can also be found in the “Free Mixtapes & Music Downloads” category on this blogsite. They give a clear indication of what to expect from future releases.

This mixtape series also offers a welcome alternative to all the coomercially edged pop rap that has saturated the media.

The popular & well established free mixtape website DatPiff is the chosen home for the Unique Heat series. It’s simplicity in use allows users to preview & download individual tracks or whole mixtapes as they require them.

(Rashad Unique)

View, listen to & download the Unique Heat mixtapes @ DatPiff here

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