Unique Heat’s Recommended External Hip Hop Sites

Check out Unique Heat’s recommended list of well established Hip Hop blog & websites. To visit them individually just click on the link located under their logo.

(Rashad Unique)

XXL Mag: www.xxlmag.com

HipHopDX: www.hiphopdx.com

The Source: www.thesource.com

Underground Hip Hop: www.undergroundhiphop.com

All Hip Hop: allhiphop.com

Davey D’s Hip Hop Corner: www.daveyd.com

HipHop.Com: www.hiphop.com

DJ Red Alert’s official website: www.kooldjredalert.com

Crate Kings: www.cratekings.com

Grandgood: grandgood.com

Hip Hop-n-More: hiphop-n-more.com

RAPstation: rapstation.com


Rare Hip Hop.com: www.rarehiphop.com

The T.R.O.Y. Blog: www.thetroyblog.com


2dopeboyz: www.2dopeboyz.com


Ambrosia For Heads: ambrosiaforheads.com

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